Regular Meeting (03-26-2018)

Selectmen Present:                Douglas Small, John Luce, Jared Fitts andJoshua Devlin

Absent:                                   Suzan Rudnicki

Town Manager/CEO:           Kevin Howell

Recording Secretary:            Coreen Sylvester

Guests Present:                      Sheila Mahon and Deanna Witham of Witham’s Paving

7:30 PM:  Joshua Devlin called the meeting to order.

MINUTES:  John Luce made a motion to accept the minutes March 19, 2018 as amended.  Jared Fitts seconded.  Four voted in favor.




Town Landing:  Douglas Small signed the deed transferring the land to the Town of Carmel.  There was discussion regarding adding more description to the deed.


Fireworks Complaint on Dyer Road:  The Town Manager said that State law and our Noise Ordinance both have 10:00 pm as the time to be quiet.  Kevin said he passed the information on to Deputy Keven Haefele.


Carmel Gravel Roads:  There was discussion between the Town Manager, the Board and Deanna Witham as to whether reclaim would be a feasible option for our gravel roads, and which process would be more practical as far as applying it.  Deanna said there would be a more uniform thickness if it is spread with a paver, and recommended trying it on a short road.  After discussion, Deanna said she would ask Andrew or Malcolm Witham to come in to discuss it with Kevin.


WARRANT:  John Luce made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of March 26, 2018 in the amount of $4,313.53.  Doug Small seconded.  Four voted in favor.

WARRANT:  John Luce made a motion to accept the accounts payable warrant of March 26, 2018 in the amount of $23,875.67.  Doug Small seconded.  Four voted in favor.




Town Facebook Page:  Kevin let the Board know that last week he posted various tax exemptions on facebook, and had several people come in to apply for exemptions as a result.


ADJOURNMENT:  Douglas Small made a motion to adjourn.  Jared Fitts seconded. Four voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.