Regular Meeting (06-26-2017)

Selectmen Present:                Suzan Rudnicki, John Luce, Douglas Small, Earlyn Bowers

Absent:                                   Jared Fitts

Town Manager/CEO:           Kevin Howell

Recording Secretary:            Coreen Sylvester

Guests Present:                      Glennis McSorley, Toby Pelletier, Sheriff Troy Morton, Deputy Mark Lloyd, Staff Sgt Andrew Whitehouse and Rec Director Deidra McIntosh

7:30 PM:  Suzan Rudnicki called the meeting to order.

MINUTES:  Earlyn Bowers made a motion to accept the minutes of June 12, 2017 as

  1. John Luce seconded.  Three voted in favor.  Suzan Rudnicki abstained as she was not present for that meeting.




Sheriff Troy Morton:  Town Manager Kevin Howell stated he had asked Sheriff Morton to come to the meeting to update us on changes in the Sheriff’s Department.  Sheriff Morton said they have created a new lieutenant position to handle things such as contact with the towns who contract with the Department.  He also let the Board know that Chief Deputy William Sheehan had requested to go back to a patrol position, and is now a patrol sergeant. 


Sheriff Morton said that Deputy Ray Goodspeed has been out for a long time, and they are not sure when/if he will be returning.  Since Deputy Mark Lloyd has filled in for Deputy Goodspeed and has fitted in with Carmel very well, he has been selected for the permanent position in Carmel.


Rec Director Deidra McIntosh:  Deidra gave an update on what the Rec Department has been doing since she started in January including the very successful father/daughter dance and a family nerfball event and a couple of ‘open gyms’ in which parents and children came to the gym to hang out and do whatever activities they liked.  There was increased participation in and new uniforms for the baseball and softball programs.  They now have a fully functional six-member committee that has been a tremendous help toward their recent success.


Deidra mentioned work that needs to be done on the fields, and said one of the Rec Department’s goals is to have the concession stand at the Rec Field running again.  She also gave a summary of upcoming events and events the Rec Department is hoping to institute such as soccer camp in July and a bubble ball event this summer.  Deidra said they have talked about possibly having a baseball camp and a ski program in the future.


OLD BUSINESS:  Sue Rudnicki asked if there was anything new under old business.


ALS Backup:  Kevin said we are keeping Bangor for ALS backup as they can often make it to Carmel as quickly as Hermon can.




Tax Commitment:  The Town Manager stated the tax commitment is not going to happen on June 30th.  The State budget has not yet been approved, which means the reimbursement percentage towns receive from the State is not set, but financially we are fine for a couple of months.


Town Landing:  Kevin presented the Board with a proposed plan for a town landing at Etna Pond on Doug Small’s land.  The Department of Environmental Protection, Shoreland Zoning and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife have all agreed it could work. Kevin has gotten an estimate to clear enough trees to get a good line-of-sight coming out of the proposed road.


Grist Mill (Damon Mill) Bridge:  Kevin said bridges need to be kept clean in order to prolong their life, so he had our public works crew clean Grist Mill Bridge. It had packed gravel on it and the power-washing exposed some deterioration.  Kevin had a structural engineer look at it and was told it is not in imminent danger of collapse or failure, but it does need repair.  Kevin said he had gotten an estimate of under $10,000.00, it would be a two-week job and we can get it done within the next four weeks.  Kevin said he would like to see it done, and we have available funds.  Selectmen had no objections.




            1.   Dangerous Buildings:  Kevin said he had a title search done on both properties previously discussed with dangerous buildings on them.  The one on Damascus Road  has lien holders, so we will have to do notifications and hearings.  Tim Harvey, owner of the one on Hampden Road, has agreed to sign a consent form to have the building demolished.  John Luce asked who will absorb the cost, and Kevin said Mr. Harvey will absorb the cost through a special tax.


WARRANT: John Luce made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of June 19, 2017 in  the amount of $5,615.43.  Earlyn Bowers seconded.  Four voted in favor.

WARRANT: John Luce made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of June 26, 2017 in the amount of $5,559.63.  Earlyn Bowers seconded.  Four voted in favor.

WARRANT: John Luce made a motion to accept the accounts payable warrant of June 26, 2017 in the amount of $22,905.33.  Earlyn Bowers seconded.  Four voted in


ADJOURNMENT:  Sue Rudnicki made a motion to adjourn.  Earlyn Bowers seconded. Four voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm.