Regular Meeting (12-09-2019)

Selectmen Present:                Suzan Rudnicki, Douglas Small, John Luce, Jared Fitts and Isaac Raymond

Town Manager/CEO:           Kevin Howell

Recording Secretary:            Coreen Sylvester

Guests Present:                      Deanna Witham, Glennis McSorley and Toby Pelletier

7:30 PM:  Suzan Rudnicki called the public hearing for junkyard permit renewals to order. Kevin Howell stated he has received renewal applications from R&R Lumber Co.,

Clement’s Starter & Alternator Repair and Ideal Recycling, Inc.; he has visited all of them, and they are all in compliance. There were no concerns voiced from the floor.

Sue Rudnicki closed the public hearing and opened the Selectmen’s meeting.


John Luce made a motion to approve all three junkyard renewal applications.  Jared Fitts seconded.  Five voted in favor.


MINUTES:  John Luce made a motion to accept the minutes of December 2, 2019 as written. Douglas Small seconded.  Five voted in favor.




Auditor’s Letter of Engagement:  Jared Fitts made a motion to authorize the Town Manager to sign the standard letter of engagement with RHR Smith & Company for the 2019 audit.  John Luce seconded.  Five voted in favor.


Holiday Signs:  Kevin let the Board know he hung the holiday season signs last week.


Municipal Building Thermostat Upgrade:  Kevin Howell explained there are six heating zones in our building and the thermostats we have are antiquated and not programmable.  The fire station has the least efficient setup with the open space and cold coming in from the bay doors.  The modines in the fire station are operational but are not being controlled properly. 


A thermostat specialist from A.E. Robinson came and looked at all the thermostats and provided three estimates:  option one to put programmable thermostats in each zone, option two to install a programmable wi-fi thermostat in each room and option three to install sensors in each zone with one T-10 control panel that can control all six zones.  In addition, the modines need strap-on aquastat controllers to function properly.  After discussion, John Luce made a motion to go with the T-10 and aquastats.  Doug Small seconded.  Five voted in favor.




  1. The Selectmen and Town Manager went over the items in this week’s packet, including the monthly Sheriff’s Department report.


  1. Kevin stated we had two general assistance applications, but they were both ineligible.


  1. The Town Manager informed Selectmen he has started working on the 2020 budget.  The library’s proposed budget is in this week’s packet, with no change from last year.


  1. Kevin let the Board know the Planning Board is holding a public hearing on January 6, 2020 at 5:30 pm regarding the proposed change to the Land Use Zoning Ordinance to allow detached dwellings.




Spirit of America Award:  There was discussion regarding who the Board would like to honor

with the Spirit of America Award/Annual Report Dedication this year, with the presentation to be at the Town Meeting.  Kevin Howell suggested John Luce.  After discussion, Suzan Rudnicki made a motion to nominate John Luce as the recipient of the Spirit of America Award.  Douglas Small seconded.  Four voted in favor.  John Luce abstained.


Board of Appeals Vacancy:  Sue Rudnicki stated Fred Kircheis had contacted her to let herknow there is a vacancy on the Board of Appeals due to Barbara Baeslack’s passing.  Kevin said he is aware of that and plans to make a recommendation when the Selectmen do the annual appointments.




Municipal Solar Discussion:  Kevin said Revision Energy has still not found an investor for a power purchase agreement.  With a power purchase agreement, there would be no risk to the Town.  If the Town purchased the system, all the risk and maintenance would be ours.  He showed numbers for purchasing the system, which reflected it would not be a sensible investment.  Kevin suggested tabling the discussion until we hear more from Revision Energy.  Selectmen had no objections.


WARRANT:  John Luce made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of December 9, 2019 in the amount of $8,357.17.  Doug Small seconded.  Five voted in favor.

WARRANT:  John Luce made a motion to accept the accounts payable warrant of December 9, 2019 in the amount of $172,694.22.  Isaac Raymond seconded.  Five voted in favor.




Primary and Referendum Election:  The To wn Manager informed the Board RSU 87 is going to have a referendum election for the proposed upgrades to our schools, along with the State’s Presidential Primary on March 3, 2020.


ADJOURNMENT:  Sue Rudnicki made a motion to adjourn.  Isaac Raymond seconded. Five voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.