Regular Meeting (09-19-2016)

Selectmen Present:                Suzan Rudnicki John Luce, Douglas Small and Jared Fitts

Absent:                                   Earlyn Bowers

Town Manager/CEO:           Kevin Howell

Recording Secretary:            Coreen Sylvester

Guests Present:                      Deputy Ray Goodspeed, Frederick (Rick) and Kimberly Drew of Aggressive Cuts LLC, Rec Director Aaron Hawes, Glennis McSorley and Toby Pelletier

7:30PM:  Suzan Rudnicki called the meeting to order.

MINUTES:  John Luce made a motion to accept the minutes of September 12, 2016 as written. Douglas Small seconded.  Four voted in favor.




Rick Drew - Roadside Mowing:  The Town Manager, the Board and Rick Drew went over his company's proposal for roadside mowing.  Mr. Drew provided letters of recommendation from several other towns in Maine.  The following prices were guaranteed for three years; one mowing was $1,680.00 per year and two mowings was $3,360.00 per year. Kevin suggested he preferred two mowings, which would result in savings of over $2,000.00 compared to what we pay now for one mowing and releases the town from liability.


After discussion, John Luce made a motion to go with Aggressive Cuts LLC for roadside mowing.  Jared Fitts seconded.  Four voted in favor.


Aaron Hawes - Rec Committee:  Aaron submitted his resignation as Rec Director, effective as of December 31, 2016.  Aaron said his decision was not made lightly, but he thinks it is time and he will still be willing to help out with community events.


Mike Hopkins - Hopkins Landscaping:  Kevin said he had invited Mike Hopkins to the meeting because he wanted to thank him for the excellent work his company did with paving, which is all done and completed under budget, but he was unable to be here. Kevin said he has drafted a letter of recommendation for Hopkins Landscaping.


Town Manager Training Schedule:  Kevin let the Board know his training schedule for the next couple of months is pretty full, and he included his schedule in this week's packet.


Newletter:  Kevin let the Board know he is putting together a newsletter for next week and has letters coming from several town committees to include in it, as well as a letter from our new deputy, Ray Goodspeed.  Kevin asked Selectmen if they would rather he write a letter from them to introduce himself or if they would rather he just write it from him.  Selectmen decided it would be just as well coming from Kevin.


Carmel Fire and Rescue Policy & Procedure Guidelines:  The Town Manager said the Fire Chief did give him a copy of an ambulance run log, although not in the requested format, but he still has not received a copy of the Fire and Rescue Policy & Procedure Guidelines.




            1.   Kevin stated there is an application for a new subdivision coming before the Planning Board in October for two ten-unit apartment buildings at the corner of Main and Horseback Roads.


            2.   Kevin said the two trees on the municipal office lot should be coming down any day now.  If there is enough good wood from them, Kevin will use some to build benches and chairs for the town office, and will also give some to Ralph Harris to build a Boston Post Cane holder.  Kevin asked if the Board would have any objections to his putting up a Christmas tree and have our own tree lighting.  Doug Small suggested Kevin check with the library to see if they would have any objections since they do one every year.


            3.   Deputy Ray Goodspeed said he had a good first week in Carmel, and gave a summary of his week.


WARRANT: John Luce made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of September 19, 2016 in the amount of $5,166.64.  Jared Fitts seconded.  Four voted in favor.

WARRANT: John Luce made a motion to accept the accounts payable warrant of September 19, 2016 in the amount of $19,906.09.  Jared Fitts seconded.  Four voted in favor.


ADJOURNMENT:  Sue Rudnicki made a motion to adjourn.  Jared Fitts seconded.  Four voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:59  pm.