Regular Meeting (05-09-2016)

Selectmen Present:                Suzan Rudnicki, Douglas Small, John Luce, Earlyn Bowers and Jared Fitts

Interim Town Manager:      Julia Pike

Recording Secretary:            Coreen Sylvester

Guests Present:                      Code Enforcement Officer/Interim Road Commissioner Kevin Howell, Glennis McSorley, Toby Pelletier and Deputy Kari Kurth

7:30PM:  Suzan Rudnicki called the meeting to order.

MINUTES:  Earlyn Bowers made a motion to accept the minutes of May 2, 2016 as written. Jared Fitts seconded.  Four voted in favor.  John Luce abstained as he was not present for that meeting.




  1. Kevin Howell stated yesterday was Stephen Dunham’s deadline for cleaning up his junkyard and he has cleaned up a little, but has not made much of a dent in it.  Since Mr. Dunham did not have the junkyard cleaned up by the court-ordered deadline,  there is an additional $5,000 added to his fines, which makes his total fines $13,261.00.  As of now, the Town can go in and clean it up.  Whatever the cost for cleanup, it will become a tax on the property.  Selectmen decided to have Kevin get quotes for cleaning it up and let them know at the next meeting.


  1. There was discussion regarding beaver issues on Five Road at the culvert near the town line.  Kevin said he has contacted a trapper, and he is coming tomorrow to check it out.  Doug Small stated when we had a problem with beavers on Murray Road, we cleared out the culvert and put in a large pvc pipe.  The beavers could still build their dam, but the water could still flow through.


  1. Kevin let the Board know he looked into getting inmates from Charleston State Prison for help this summer, and as of now they’re available as long as the State doesn’t request them.




Safety Lane Parking:  Kevin said he spoke with Tom Richmond regarding the widening of Safety Lane for additional parking.  Tom said the plan was to grind and reclaim Safety Lane, then do the road construction, then use the reclaimed material and pave the road. 

Kevin went over a possible alternate parking lot plan of making additional parking spaces in the area where the current employee parking is located, which would give us a total of approximately forty parking spaces.  John Luce suggested adding the additional parking spaces for now and wait until Safety Lane deteriorates before widening it.  There was discussion regarding the pros and cons of widening the road versus the alternate parking lot.  After discussion, John Luce made a motion to go ahead with the forty-parking space design in the current parking lot.  Earlyn Bowers seconded.  Five voted in favor.


Reducing Speed on Safety Lane:  Kevin stated there has been some concern regarding traffic safety issues and the speed on Safety Lane.  He suggested having the road striped because that tends to make drivers pay better attention and slows them down.  He also suggested putting up green pedestrian and yellow fire truck signs.  Selectmen had no objections.


Project Bids:  There was discussion on which projects to put out to bid; Kevin said he doesn’t think the parking lot or the garage projects need to go out to bid, but the Dyer Road project should.  Selectmen had no objections.

Kevin said he was told by a gentleman in the Safety Department in Augusta that since the garage would be mainly for storage and our crew does not typically work out of it, there are no requirements for facilities in it.  Kevin said it would be a good idea to have an eye wash station installed though.

There was discussion on where to place the garage, and Selectmen agreed to have it built on the salt shed lot.


Tax-Acquired Property @ 55 Hampden Road:  There was discussion on whether to sell the tax-acquired lot at 55 Hampden Road, hang onto it or put it out to bid.  It was decided to hold onto it for awhile.


PERC vs MRC:  There was discussion on which company to sign up with for trash disposal; tabled until more information is available.


WARRANT: Earlyn Bowers made a motion to accept the full-time fireman’s payroll warrant of May 9, 2016 in the amount of $878.49.  John Luce seconded.  Five voted in favor.

WARRANT: Earlyn Bowers made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of May 9, 2016 in the amount of $4,689.49. John Luce seconded.  Five voted in favor.

WARRANT: Earlyn Bowers made a motion to accept the accounts payable warrant of May 9, 2016 in the amount of $53,126.58.  John Luce seconded.  Five voted in favor.


ADJOURNMENT:  Suzan Rudnickimade a motion to adjourn. Earlyn Bowers seconded. Five voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.