Regular Meeting (05-14-2012)

Selectmen Present:                Josh Devlin, John Luce, and Suzan Rudnicki

                                                Absent: Earlyn Bowers and Doug Small       

Town Manager:                    Tom Richmond

Recording Secretary:            Tom Richmond 

Guests Present:                      Mike Azevedo, Bobby Noyes, Glennis McSorley and Toby Pellitier

7:30 PM:  Josh Devlin called the meeting to order. 

MINUTES:  John Luce made a motion to accept minutes for May 7, 2012.   Suzan Rudnick seconded. Three voted to accept.

Town Manager Road Commissioner Report:  Tom updated the Board about ditching on the Fuller Road and the Railroad Bridge construction. The manager also review the latest financial report with the selectmen, noting that the outstanding tax liens have been reduced due to the tax acquired properties that were sold 

Fire Department Issues:  Chief Mike Azevedo was present to answer questions; 

  • Josh asked why the town had paid $300.00 for detailing on the ambulance. Mike explained that it needed to be cleaned inside and out and was unable to find volunteers within the department to clean it.
  • Josh also asked why the tank on #426 was pressurized and splitting the tank. Mike explained they were in the process of flushing out the tank and did not realize that when connecting to the vent it was going to pressurize the tank.
  • Mike also advised the Selectmen that the alternator on #421 had to be replaced and the cost was going to be approximately $1,500 most of which was labor and mileage.
  • Josh asked if the town had billed the Town of Etna for fires that Carmel had assisted with. Mike explained that Etna is part of the County Mutual Aid Agreement and under that agreement neither town can bill the other.

Award 2012 Paving Bids:  After reviewing the break down and bid prices John Luce made a motion to accept B & B Paving Bids of $ 305,720.76 Suzan Rudnicki seconded. Three voted to accept. Tom recommended after reviewing the cost schedule that the Selectmen consider adding the 2000 feet of the Murray road to the contract:

                                    Contact bid price     $ 305,720.76

                                    Murray Road            $   44,653.75

                                    Crack Sealing           $   15,000.00

                                                Total             $ 365,374.51                 

John Luce made a motion to accept B & B Paving’s bid and include the Murray Road in the contract.   Suzan Rudnicki seconded. Three voted to accept.                      

Construction Bids:  After reviewing the bids prices R & R Lumber was the lowest bidder at $29,875.00.  Tom advised the Selectmen that he had taken samples from both R&R Lumber and F.C. Works whose price was $ 34.972.00. F C Works sampled passed and R & R Lumber first and second sample failed to me MDOT D grade specifications.

After discussion the awarding of the bid was postponed for a week to see if another source of gravel could be obtained and tested. Tom questioned that if gravel had to be purchase from a different source that the bid price would be the same $29,875.00. Bobby assured the Board that the price wouldn’t change. The subject was tabled until Monday May 28, 2012. 

EXECUTIVE SESSION: John Luce made a motion to go into executive session pursuant to IMRSA ss 405 (6A) to discuss General Assistance. Suzan Rudnicki seconded. Three voted in favor. Selectmen went into executive session at 8:17 pm. Selectmen reconvened in regular session at 8:22 pm. No action taken, informational only.

WARRANT:  John Luce motion to accept the payroll warrant of May11, 2012  in the amount of  $3,736.57  Suzan Rudnicki second.  Three voted in favor.

WARRANT:  John Luce motion to accept the accounts payable warrant of May 14, 2012 in the amount of  $11,505.84  Suzan Rudnicki second.  Three voted in favor. 

ADJOURNMENT:  Josh Devlin made a motion to adjourn Suzan Rudnicki seconded.  Three voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.