Winter Road Maintenance for all roads EXCEPT ROUTE 2 in the Town of Carmel is contracted out to TGP ENTERPRISES.  They can be reached at 207-570-8217.   

MDOT is responsible for Route 2 year round.   MDOT is responsible for Route 69 with everything except plowing (winter maintenance)   They can be reached at 207-941-4500

MAILBOX information:

For convenience and practicality, mailbox installations have been allowed within the right-of-way of Maine’s public highways; however, it is important to recognize that such installations have two very important conditions:

1) The mailbox must be installed in accordance with applicable standards to ensure that mail can be delivered, and that the mailbox does not create an obstacle or safety hazard to those that use or maintain the highway, and

2) The mailbox is installed entirely at the owner’s risk. In other words, if the mailbox incurs damage during any sort of highway operations or maintenance, the property owner is not entitled to replacement or compensation. In fact, if the mailbox was not installed in accordance with the applicable standards as stated above, the owner may even be held liable for injuries or damages that may have been incurred as a result.