Andrew Hart

Town Manager

Andrew Hart


Town Manager's Duties:

Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Road Commissioner, Agent to the Overseers of the Poor.

The office of the Town Manager is responsible for oversight and management of the Town Departments. The Town Manager presents the annual budget to the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen for recommendation to the legislative body for approval at the Annual Town Meeting and ensures that departments operate within the limits of that adopted budget.

The goal of the Town Manager's office is to ensure that service delivery is provided in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws and to ensure that the Town is providing those services effectively, efficiently, and economically.



Andy is a "Lifetime Certified Municipal Manager" by the Maine Town, City and County Management Association.  


Andy is an active member of the following associations:

MTCMA: Maine Town, City & County Management Association 


Andy has previously served on the MTCMA Executive Board and as President of MTCMA.  He also served on the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Executive Committee for 2 terms and on the MMA Legislative Policy Committee for many years. 


 Andy and his wife Sherri live in Camden.  He previously served as the Town Manager for the Town of Union for 15 years and was the County Administrator for Knox County for 16 years.  Andy and Sherri have 3 children; Chris, who is 33 years old, Kayla, who is 31 years old and Connor who is 29 years old.  Andy enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, and working outdoors. He is an avid sports fan.